Nupsala Stem Cell Therapy is offered by Biobest Laboratories in the UK. Biobest offer a complete package for vets including dispatching consumables, receiving bone marrow samples, stem cell culture, stem cell dispatch and all vet liaison relating to the process.

To contact Biobest please phone +44 (0)131 440 2628 or email

Stem Cell Updates: To check on the progress of stem cell cases that you have submitted to the lab please phone Biobest direct on +44 (0)131 440 2628.

Nupsala Veterinary Services support Biobest by providing technical information, advice and training to vets using stem cell therapy. Click here to contact Nupsala.

Making the decision to opt for stem cell therapy turned out to be hugely successful for Alpha. We are delighted that not only has Alpha returned to work but he has gone on to exceed our expectations as an advanced endurance horse.”
Annie Ings – Endurance Rider and owner of Alpha

“Stem cell therapy is real advancement in the treatment of tendonitis. The ultrasonographic and clinical improvement of the tendon is highly noticeable.”
Fabien Relave – Veterinary Surgeon

Your Own Stem Cell Lab

If you are interested in being able to process stem cells in your own clinic then you may like to investigate the option of a Nupsala Micro-Lab. This gives you the option of processing stem cells, BMAC, PRP and ACS on-site. Click here for more details.