Mobile Harvest Service

Nupsala Veterinary Services offers a mobile service for customers wishing to make use of the Harvest SmartPReP2 system without having to have their own Harvest machine on site. A member of the Nupsala team will come to your practice with a portable machine and will be able to process blood samples for you to generate PRP or BMAC while you wait. This only takes 15-30 minutes depending on which technology you use and the ‘microwave-sized’ machine can plug in to any normal three-pin socket. The mobile Harvest service makes it very easy for you – book us to come on the day the owner can bring the horse into the clinic, take the blood sample, give it to us to process, inject the PRP or BMAC around 30-45 mins later and send the horse home the same day. We offer on site clinical assistance and also give help with case review on treatment selection.

We have also now devised a simple and effective way to deliver a large quantity of growth factors to an area which presents a problem of keeping a normal PRP or stem cell injection in place. Chronic non healing wounds, fracture, where the tendon epitenon has been compromised, such as DDFT tears, and periodontal pockets are all potential applications or current methods of use in human surgery. The process involves incubating and harvesting the patient’s own thrombin from their blood and using this to activate the platelet concentrate to create the gel. The process takes about 90 mins.

The cost for the Nupsala mobile service is the cost of the consumables plus a £120 service charge plus our mileage to get to you at 45p a mile. All prices are subject to VAT. If you are interested in this mobile Harvest service please Contact Us.