The team at Nupsala Veterinary Services has a successful track record of researching and developing ortho-biological products for equine musculoskeletal disease (stem cells, PRP, bone marrow concentrate). They regularly give lectures on the use of regenerative medicine in treating equine musculoskeletal disease and have an interest in equine diagnostics including MRI, CT and nuclear scintigraphy.

Nupsala Veterinary Services offers the following:

  • Supply of products including stem cells, BMAC, PRP, ACS/IRAP and a hyaluronic acid.
  • Clinical assistance & training on the use of regenerative medicine. Instruction on how to harvest bone marrow, PRP and implantation technique for treating equine tendon or ligament injuries.
  • Practice lecturing with staff or for client evenings on the use of regenerative medicine.
  • Research assistance, particularly in the area of equine diagnostics, regenerative medicine or product development.
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