CRT System

One system, two versatile applications

The Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) system is an-easy-to use system that can process both PRP and BMAC stem cells, providing your clinic with an effective and versatile tool for a variety of clinical applications.

The CRT system has been clinically validated specifically for dogs and is the top-performing system based on a multi-centre validation study.


Fits your schedule – and your clients’
Collection, preparation, and delivery of the therapy is done patient-side, and in-house, and the entire process is completed in a single visit.

One piece of equipment – two applications
Process PRP and BMAC Stem cells using the same machine.

Collect, process, administer – achieve outcomes
3-step process:
1. Collect whole blood and/or bone marrow sample from the patient
2. Process sample using the CRT system
3. Administer the product by direct injection into the affected area
– Easily transportable
– Does not require dedicated trained personnel

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CRT System (Companion Regenerative Therapies)

System Validation

The Companion Regenerative Therapies (CRT) system has been specifically validated for use in canine patients. In a multicenter study*, the CRT Pure PRP system was the only system that increased platelet concentration while significantly reducing the red blood cell and neutrophil concentrations. Read full details here.

What do vets think?

Internationally renowned canine orthopeadic specialist Dr Sherman O. Canapp Jr. DVM MS CCRT DACVS DACVSMR gives his opinion of the system…

What do owners think?