Stance Analyzer

Detect lameness earlier with this integral part of every single wellness exam. Or track treatment progress with an objective measure of your patient’s weight bearing.

Objective Data

Objectively measure the percentage of weight your canine patient places on each limb to detect lameness early. This easy, non-invasive diagnostic tool provides you with the data to outline treatment recommendations, and monitor treatment progress.

• Assesses lameness

• Targets problem areas

• Printable progress reports

• Weight bearing, stability & center of gravity data

Proactive Intervention

Detect lameness earlier and provide proactive treatment solutions for your patients.

The Hub

Leverage the Stance Analyzer as a key component of your wellness and injury programs to gain client buy-in for recommended treatment programs.

Utilize the visual reports from the Stance Analyzer to facilitate more effective client communication and treatment plan compliance.

Clinical Applications

The Stance Analyzer is an essential component of the exam types shown in the diagram (right).



• Stance Analyzer software

• Laptop computer

• Stance Analyzer platform

• Remote control

• Training resources