V-PET – Veterinary Platelet Enhancement Therapy

E-PET has evolved into V-PET

V-PET - Veterinary Platelet Enhancement TherapyNew name, improved packaging, product developments, new production facility and a reduced price!

The popular platelet filtration system known as E-PET has evolved and has now been developed into V-PET. Production has moved to a new manufacturing plant which has brought down the cost to the end user.

You can now buy V-PET through your wholesaler for just £200 + VAT (a saving of £75 per kit).

V-PET - Veterinary Platelet Enhancement Therapy             V-PET - Veterinary Platelet Enhancement Therapy

What is V-PET?

V-PET - Veterinary Platelet Enhancement TherapyV-PET – Veterinary Platelet Enhancement Therapy V-PET (veterinary platelet enhancement therapy) is a low-cost platelet harvesting device which uses the horse’s own blood to produce 8ml of autologous concentrate with an average 7-fold increase in platelets (having the characteristics of PRP or platelet-rich plasma).
It is a completely sterile, fully enclosed, patient-side filtration system which means V-PET kits can be used anywhere with no need to take the horse into the clinic. The gravity filtration takes only 15 minutes so is quick and easy to do in one appointment and V-PET concentrate can be frozen for up to six months to allow for repeat treatment.

V-PET kits are produced by PALL Corporation who are world leaders in filtration. For more detailed information on platelet therapy and V-PET please click here.

V-PET is available at just £200 + VAT and can be bought through the veterinary wholesalers. Product codes are as follows:
Centaur – 30429509
Henry Schein – VAVPE01
NVS – 780248

Order via your wholesaler or contact us.

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