The Inner X


Directed laser therapy, never seen before 

A revolution in equine laser applications 

The Inner X® is the world’s first three wavelength intra-articular laser device (patent pending). It is a new veterinary physical therapy modality which supplies biostimulating energy using the infiltrative needle technique. The Inner X® methodology is based on the data deriving from numerous publications of research into LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) and makes it possible to reproduce the correct dosimetries at the desired target with extremely high precision. 

Laser at the desired depth 

The Inner X® allows the clinician to create a field of stable biostimulation energy at any depth. The goal of the Inner X® methodology is to overcome the scatter created by the tissue between the skin and the desired target and generate the correct interaction with the photo-receptors to achieve the effect of biostimulation. 

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