FP4 System


The FP4 SYSTEM® offers state-of-the-art equine laser therapy. It’s the only laser device on the market which guarantees excellent and consistent results, because it is the product of an established method of laser delivery with 30 years of experience and innovative patents.

The simultaneous action of the four wavelenghts, with adjustable power levels which are automatically modulated by the software unit, ensures maximum biostimulation and healing effect:

• Non-operator-dependent management of therapies, ensures simplicity of use and maintains a very high efficacy rate

• Strong analgesic effect even in the acute and hyperacute inflammation phase, when heat presents a contraindication for all other high power lasers

• Faster clinical recovery due to a rapid reduction of pain and

inflammation, followed by a strong biostimulating effect leading to a rapid and functional recovery.




Skin temperature control®

• Energy transfer control®

• Microimpedance measuring and 

microcurrent therapeutic system®

• Biostimulating laser depth effect 



• Acute and chronic tendon and 

ligament injuries

• Neurogenic Pain

• Muscle strains

• Degenerative joint disease

• Poor healing wounds

7 year old Grand Prix showjumper. Acute SDFT lesion. Duration of laser therapy: 14 days.


DAY 0: Ultrasound before FP4 SYSTEM® laser treatment.

DAY 14: Ultrasound after 14 days of laser therapy. The horse shows no lameness at this point. 4 weeks later the horse is back to flat work.

4 MONTHS: Ultrasound 4 months after the therapy, the horse is back to normal work. 2 months later the horse is back to previous level of performance and placed in Grand Prix showjumping competitions.

day 0 laser treatment day 14 treatment after 4 months laser treatment

• Return to controlled exercise: average 5.9 weeks

• Back to previous performance level: 6 months 

(data from 500 horses with tendon and ligament injuries)

The use of FP4 Laser treatment in tendon injuries has changed everything we did before. Firstly, rather than producing a scar, we instead produce functional cross-linked collagen with tensile strength comparable to healthy tissue. For the first time ever this offers a treatment schedule with significantly reduced rehabilitation time. Secondly, success rates and re-injury rates are still, for me, astonishing. At the moment for us the FP4 is the gold standard in tendon treatment.

Dr. Marc Koene German Team Vet, FEI Vet, Owner at Tierklinik Lüsche, Germany


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