INsight System

Needle Arthroscope

Visualise. Diagnose. Treat.

Meet the visionary on your team. Provide confident recommendations with the needle scope by your side providing visualization of hard-to-diagnose
intra-articular pathologies.


The Companion INsight System provides real-time visualization of intra-articular injuries and disease states. Get fast diagnostic results for complex joint pathologies.

• Simplification

The powerful, light-weight hand piece facilitates easy maneuvering in the joint for simple and clear image capture

• Visualization

Capture clear videos and photos of the joint interior for diagnostic reference and client communication

• Communication

Simplify client communication with a picture – it’s worth 1,000 words


The insights provided by the Companion INsight System can help you both diagnose intra-articular pathologies and assess progress made during prescribed treatment plans. The Insight System aids in the localization of lesions for an accurate diagnosis, also enabling direct visualization and application of intra-articular therapies to those areas of injury.

The Companion INsight System Provides:


The Companion INsight System provides clients with affordable answers to clinical conditions that might remain otherwise undiagnosed. When an radiograph can’t tell the visual story, diagnostics from the INsight System are an affordable alternative to more costly procedures, which still may not provide a definitive diagnosis.

The INsight System is a staple in the spectrum of care for a wide variety of veterinary practitioners, including:

• General Practitioners

• Surgeons

• Specialty Centers

• Rehabilitation Specialists


Fully integrated hand piece for ease-of-use

• 120O field of view

• 5-35 mm depth of field

• Retractable 2.26 mm (14g) needle

• Hand-piece rapid image capture control

• Fully integrated optic and light source

• Ergonomic handle for onehanded/ ambidextrous use

• Luer-lock port for controlled joint insufflation and treatment administration


The intuitive interface allows for quick image capture and transfer

• HD Screen

• 10.8-inch display

• 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor

• Battery operated tablet with kickstand for ultimate portability

• Live video with play-back

• Patient history tracking

• Customizable image and video formatting for simple integration into current management software. Image formats supported: DICOM, PNG, AVI, MP4


Needle Scope Accessories Use your needle scope on mobile devices

• Smart phone adaptor for image/ video transfer capability
(Android and iphone compatible)